• Desiree Arave
    Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Therapy Healer, Intuitive Energy Healing Light Worker

    Desiree’s passion is helping others transform their darkness into pure loving light. She does this by peacefully and intuitively working with many different energetic healing modalities including channeling Reiki life force energy, crystal therapy, sound baths, aroma therapy, mediation, visualization and more. These therapies release trapped or stagnate energy in the body, clear and balance the chakras, and give her clients a safe space for their body to release all that no longer serves them, and call in all that truly inspires their higher self. It also aids them in raising their vibration, bringing balance, joy, perspective, and ultimately achieving a state of flow, relaxation and peace to their mind, body, spirit and soul. This guides them to become more heart centered, compassionate, learn the art of self-love, self-forgiveness and gratitude, which in turn begins to heal the self, their loved ones, and the collective as a whole. Her gift is to gently aid her clients in living a more fulfilled and balanced life by helping them to embrace and harness their own beautiful internal intelligence and life force energy “chi” from within.

    “When we decide to unlearn the lies, release the guilt, shame, and unworthiness, we fully welcome the healing journey of our authentic intuitive selves. This awakens a light so bright within us all. In this place, we find our personal heaven on earth where we can return to anytime we like, to rest, recharge and be wrapped in the unconditional love of the universe.”