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    Reiki Therapy

    Reiki is universal love, also known as universal life force energy. It is an Energy healing Therapy technique that promotes stress reduction and the body’s ability to heal itself. It is a gentle noninvasive yet powerful form of holistic health. Reiki energy is compassionate, abundant, and safe. It will never harm, it can only heal. Reiki is the channeling of universal spiritual energy from practitioner to client. As a reiki master I am a conduit for this abundant energy, tapping into source and sending it into you. Reiki is its own intelligence, which means the energy knows exactly where to flow in order to heal you.

    Reiki works by deeply relaxing the nervous system. The life force energy is then replenished where it was once depleted or blocked. Reiki raises the energetic frequency of the entire mind-body-spirit system, which allows it to balance and heal itself naturally.

    Everyone can benefit from reiki. Adults, children, teenagers, even animals. Although Reiki benefits are unique to each individual client and situation, some of the following have been reported : assists with anxiety, depression, addiction, reduces physical pain and discomfort, improves the immune system, Assists with the symptoms of chronic and acute dis-eases, supports pregnancy and childbirth, increases self-confidence, promotes and enhances meditation, cleanses and balances the chakras, the aura and the human energy system, promotes joy, self-love, compassion, connection and creativity, speeds up physical healing, lessens arthritic pain, stiffness and increases ease of movement, heals un-serving, conditioned belief patters, fosters a connection to your higher power and deceased loved ones, enhances intuition and awareness, and so much more.

    Because Reiki is not tied to any spiritual practice or religion, it can be appreciated and enjoyed for all, and will work to its fullest. All that is required for reiki to work is a sincere desire for more peace, love, and balance in your life.

    During a reiki session, the client lies on the reiki table, fully clothed; there is a pillow, blankets and a bolster for your ultimate comfort. I energetically cleanse the room, use aroma therapy, and turn on relaxing music that feels right for each specific client, or a meditation track, to ease you into relaxation with your eyes closed. I begin my hand placements which either hover slightly above your body or lightly touch your body depending on my intuition of what I feel your energetic aura is communicating to me at that time. There is no heavy pressure, massage, or manipulation.

    Many Clients feel the reiki energy coming through my hands. It can feel very warm, cold, tingling, or a slight pressure, or it can feel like many hands are on you, working in many different areas of your body at once. The general feedback is a very comforting and relaxing experience. Reiki automatically relaxes the client into a peaceful, dreamlike and deeply meditative state, called theta brain waves. In fact some clients fall asleep during the session. It is also not uncommon for clients to feel overwhelmed with emotion. I encourage letting the tears flow to release the pinned up energy and emotion, It’s very beautiful. Also, weeping because of an overwhelming sense of love is very common, as many deceased family members, spirit guides, and angles can join, as I invite all of your loved ones to join the session and support you in your beautiful healing journey.

    Reiki energy is the healer; I am simply the channel, so this is a partnership between the two of us. If you’re willing to co-participate in your healing journey, then beautiful transformations will occur.
    Love and light to you beautiful souls!