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    Reiki Therapy

    What is Reiki?

    REI : light / KI : life force

    Reiki (ray-key) is an energetic healing technique that promotes stress reduction, clarity, and connection to ourselves. It is a gentle and non-invasive form of holistic healing. Reiki is the process of channeling universal spiritual energy from the practitioner to the client. During Reiki, the practitioner uses gentle hand movements to direct healing energy through the energetic body, which is directly related to the mind and nervous system. The practitioner works with seven points along the spine, called “chakras”. It is believed that we hold negative emotions, thoughts, and even past life experiences in our energetic body and Reiki helps us clear blocks in these systems. In doing so, we release stress, let go of emotional “baggage”, and bring clarity to our mind, body, and spirit. 

    In Reiki, the practitioner does not control or move the flow of energy but rather acts as a conduit for the universal energy that lives in all of us. Although Reiki is not a replacement for traditional mental health therapy or medical treatment, Reiki can be a powerful complementary approach to healing trauma, physical pain, daily stress, anxiety and depression.

    What are the benefits?

    Each person’s experience with Reiki is unique to the individual, however some common benefits include:

    – Relief in negative symptoms from anxiety, depression, and addiction.
    – Reduction in physical pain and discomfort.
    – Assistance with symptoms caused by chronic and acute diseases.
    – Increase in self-confidence, focus and attention, and connection with others.
    – Promotion of joy, love, compassion, and creativity.
    – Cleansing and balancing of chakras, the auric field, and human energy system.
    – Release of unhelpful and negative beliefs about ourselves and our world.

    What can I expect?

    A typical Reiki session begins with a brief consultation of how you are doing; physically, emotionally, spiritually; as well as check in about any concerns that you are hoping to address that day and any intentions you hope to set throughout your session.

    Afterwards, you will lie on a Reiki table, fully-clothed, with the choice of being covered in a blanket, and the use of bolsters and pillows to increase comfort. Prior to your session the Reiki practitioner will cleanse the room using aromatic therapy, chakra frequencies, and energetic cleansing. You will be invited to close your eyes, relax, and either focus on your intention or allow your mind to just notice the experience. 

    Your Reiki practitioner will begin with hand placements, that either hover slightly above or lightly touch your body depending on what has been predetermined between client and healer prior to the Reiki session. Your healer will then move hands along your auric field either along the seven chakra points, or your arms and legs depending on the practitioner’s intuition. There is no heavy pressure, or manipulation of the body.

    Many clients report feeling an energy coming off of the hands of the practitioner, whether it be a tingling, a heat, or even like the practitioners hands are on them, or working at different places on the body at once. Clients generally report a relaxing and comforting experience. many clients report entering a dreamlike or meditative state, where they feel almost asleep. Some clients even report falling asleep entirely. Reiki can be a very relaxing and emotional experience, it is not uncommon for clients to cry. It is encouraged to let tears flow and lean into the experience as the body is releasing pent up energy and emotion.

    Meet Your Practitioners

    Matthew Maya

    Matthew is a licensed mental health therapist and Level II Reiki practitioner. If you are interested in learning more about Reiki or would like to set up an appointment, don’t hesitate to reach out. Learn more on Matthew’s Staff page of our website.

    [email protected] | 801-679-1759

    Averie Lucero

    Averie Lucero is a Certified Reiki Master. Learn more on Averie’s Staff page of our website.

    801-608-4459 | [email protected]