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    Julie Mathewson
    MSW, LCSW, EMDR trained, Grief & Loss Certified

    As a therapist, Julie loves to work with children, teens, adults and the neurodiverse populations. Julie started out her career working as a crisis worker in children’s teen crisis centers.  She has worked extensively in infant adoption. This included working with birth mother’s and siblings at a very low time. It also included working with adoptive families as they looked forward to becoming a family. She was trained at the Grief Recovery Center and continues to use that education often with her clients. She has helped many teens and adults discover how to find peace and move forward in their lives. A few years of working with addiction and dual diagnosis was challenging and rewarding as some clients found success and others succumbed to their disease. She currently works with clients as they learn to use their core values to overcome mental health and addiction issues as well as change their thinking patterns through therapeutic interventions and psycho education. She considers herself as a life-long learner as she continues to practice, EMDR, trauma therapy, play therapy, and attend more than twice the required continuing education credits.

    Julie enjoys the outdoors, nature, camping, going for long walks in the mountains and spending time with family and friends. She also enjoys doing arts and crafts with her clients and on her own as a therapeutic activity.

    “Trouble and challenge find us all, yet I have always had someone there with me to help me through it. It is my desire to be that someone for others.”