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    Julie Mathewson
    MSW, LCSW, EMDR trained, Grief & Loss Certified

    As a therapist, Julie brings warmth and empathy to her work with children, teens, adults, and neurodiverse populations. Julie began her career as a crisis worker in children’s and teen crisis centers, providing crucial support during some of the most challenging times in their lives. She has worked extensively in infant adoption, offering compassionate care to birth mothers and siblings during difficult periods and guiding adoptive families as they embarked on their journey to becoming a family. Trained at the Grief Recovery Center, Julie frequently draws on this education to help her clients navigate their own paths to healing.

    Julie has a remarkable ability to help teens and adults find peace and move forward in their lives. Her years of working with addiction and dual diagnosis have been both challenging and rewarding, as she has witnessed some clients achieve success while others struggled with their disease. In her current practice, Julie supports clients in utilizing their core values to overcome mental health and addiction issues, helping them change their thinking patterns through therapeutic interventions and psychoeducation. Julie is dedicated to continuous learning, practicing EMDR, trauma therapy, play therapy, and exceeding the required continuing education credits to better serve her clients.

    Outside of her professional life, Julie finds joy in the outdoors, nature, camping, and long walks in the mountains. She cherishes time spent with family and friends and enjoys engaging in arts and crafts, both with her clients and on her own, as a therapeutic activity. Julie’s compassionate and holistic approach makes her a beloved and effective therapist.

    “Trouble and challenge find us all, yet I have always had someone there with me to help me through it. It is my desire to be that someone for others.”