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    Carol Arnzen, Grief & Loss Certified

    Carol is an accountant by trade but her real passion is in helping others. She started her first nonprofit in Idaho to help people suffering with Fibromyalgia and has been passionate about helping others ever since. She has facilitated support groups for people with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Arthritis; volunteered with the Bradley Center for Grieving Children by helping children process grief through play.  When her husband of 37 years died from a chronic illness, she moved forward in her grief towards a new life purpose of help others who are also suffering with the pain from loss.

    Carol is a certified Grief Educator through David Kessler, a world renown grief expert and author. She has also been trained by Paul Denniston, creator of Grief Yoga, as a Grief Movement Guide using yoga movements, breath, and sound to help individuals to release pain and struggle from their bodies.  Carol currently facilitates a peer-to-peer Grief Chat group for widows and is looking forward to starting more groups in the future.

    In her time off she enjoys creating and selling her handcrafted Alta Moon Jewelry, spending time with friends, learning new things, and curling up with a good book with her two cats, Sunny and Stripes.

    “Sometimes we just need to talk about our story of loss and grief, not to get sympathy or help, but to have our grief witnessed by people who truly listen and understand loss. When they listen, we realize that we are not walking the road of grief alone.

    CS Lewis wrote: “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too?’ I thought I was the only one.’”  

    Contact Carol at 801-819-3863 for access to these groups or more information.